Electrical Design

Electrical systems power our world. Using state of the art technology and innovation for new and existing installations, well designed systems minimise energy costs and social impacts.

Power Studies and Modelling

Ensuring a stable and safe system is imperative to any energy system. A well designed system operates safely without unnecessary disruptions. Remove the risk from your system.

Specialist Services

A complex problem can require specialised service to reduce time and unnecessary cost. Being able to provide confident support to lead or work with you is very important to Divergent Engineering.

Building, Civil and Structural Design

Completing the package includes civils and structural designs. Packaged with electrical designs saves cost and takes away risk.




Dynamic task management can help you achieve timely and efficient on-site execution.

Risk reduction is achieved through complimentary specialised services.

Synergising our expertise and resources with yours, we can help you achieve quick results leading to outcomes better than expected. Utilising the same team from design to execution ensures accountability sits with one group.

Testing Services

Construction of an asset is only complete when the design is verified.


Methods for confirming design include testing by exposing the asset to similar controlled conditions. In some cases these conditions applied are proportionate to ensure safety hazards are not created during testing.



Specialist Services

Efficient and cost effective solutions are created from innovation. Better and more advanced techniques come to light by leading companies; companies that have people focused on providing the best service they can.


Through innovative solutions we continuously strive to deliver improvements on safety, asset maintenance and reliability.




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