Power system modelling is essential to ensure power network reliably and extensively facilitate future upgrades and network reconfigurations.

At Divergent Engineering, we are specialised in providing following services.


Protection Systems Studies

Divergent Engineering is expertise in this area which guarantees that a stable and safe system is imperative to any energy system. A well-designed system operates safely, without unnecessary disruptions and ensure to remove the risk from your system:

  • Review or design protection settings to grade with existing and new systems

  • Ensure systems activate when required to ensure safety of people and prevent equipment damage

  • Find solutions to remove unnecessary disruptions

  • Simplifying protection schemes for complex networks

Power Flow Analysis

Understanding your power flow helps not only to remove wastage through well over sized equipment, however, it ensures that assets are not overloaded. To achieve this, we have a team of engineers who are experts in using DIgSILENT PowerFactory tool for modelling studies:

  • Smaller projects to design building load demands and equipment specifications

  • Larger projects to design network infrastructure with stability and reliability

  • Ensuring redundant paths are capable of capacity

  • Creating a stable generation plant


Arc Flash Analysis

Divergent Engineering’s major priority is safety of your people and the risk of equipment damage. To make sure this occurs, we perform Arc flash analysis which confirms that equipment is correctly selected and unexpected faults are contained:

  • Identify appropriate equipment specifications

  • Remove catastrophic risk from existing and new systems

  • In many cases, protection schemes can be simply modified to eliminate risk


Inspection Test Plan Development

We assist our clients with a well-developed test plan which is critical in order to avoid unplanned power outages. A test plan ensures a series of verified steps are completed in specific order and moreover, it enhances risk mitigation for technicians during time critical work:

  • Protection test plan developed from documentation and site inspections

  • Should accompany any changes required in a protection system

  • Can easily be developed for other systems to minimise risk

  • Compiled on your preferred template or our developed template

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