Completing the package includes civils and structural designs. Packaged with electrical designs saves cost and takes away risk.

It gives piece of mind when powerlines just work reliably. With an efficently designed structure under relative conditions, you can focus on other important things knowing that power and communications will be there.

With a range of modelling techniques and experience in standards, we can help you with:

  • Designing the foundations for poles and towers

  • Pole and tower infrastructure up to extra high voltage and fibre optic communication networks

  • Execution of projects from concept to commissioning

Power lines


Substation Buildings and Kiosks

When designing electrical infrastructure it is important to separate control wiring from higher voltages that can not be accessed while live. Smart design allows for easier maintence and more efficient circuit tracing.

With years of experience in maintaining substations and kiosks, we have compiled many improvements to designs we have seen and put them all into one:

  • Smart cable pathed switchrooms with top and/or bottom cable entry

  • Extensible kiosk designs with optimal layout

  • Minimised transportation costs in design 



Foundations are the base of all assets. Particularly where switchgear can be sensitive to small deflections, getting this right is critical for long reliabile operation.

We not only design electrical components, we also have experienced capability to design the civils:

  • Outdoor switchyards

  • Smart cable pathed switchroom foundations and supports

  • Kiosk foundations with under kiosk pit access


Designing communications infrastructure is also in our vocabulary. We have years of experience in corporate and process communications:

  • Communications towers

  • Communication buildings

  • Efficient and reliable off-grid power supplies

Radio Base Stations

Radio base stations are typically in areas that are not often visited. Designing a tower to the exposed conditions is vital.


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