Construction of an asset is only complete when the design is verified.

Divergent engineering uses methods for validating the design which includes testing by exposing the asset to similar controlled conditions. In some cases, the conditions applied are proportionate to avoid safety hazards during testing.


Relay Testing

Protection systems are critical to ensure prompt detection and safe operation of a network. It also ensures that if something does go wrong in or outside your network, your high valued assets are protected from destructive energies.

Providing services to protect your assets:

  • Applying protection philosophy settings to a system

  • Testing of protection systems from low voltage to extra high voltage

  • Current transformer and voltage transformer verification

  • Line protection

  • Differential protection (short and long distance)

  • Earth fault testing

Function Testing

Part of verifying a systems' safe and reliable operation is to also ensure the mechanical end to end functionality works as designed.

At Divergent Engineering, we can guarantee that we perform thorough and efficient functional testing. Inherently, the functionality of a protection system is not verified over its design life. Mitigation by means of removing the faults is assured when the asset needs it the most:

  • Circuit breaker testing, including factory verification of performance

  • Insulation gas quality testing

  • Verification of isolator and earth switch contact make and break

  • Flexible and rigid bus testing including station partial discharge monitoring

  • Interlocking verification

  • Pre-power long haul connection testing

  • Earthing systems 


Transformer Testing

Transformer assets are the major component of a system. Continuation of monitored reliability is critical to prevent wide scale power outages.

We can provide all ranges of testing for your valued assets:

  • Insulation testing

  • Winding ratio and resistance of all windings

  • Tap changer parameters and performance

  • Oil quality testing and dissolved gas analysis

  • Sweep frequency response analysis

  • Auxiliary services testing

  • Other specialist testing on request

  • Failure analysis


Cable Testing

The most likely causes of cable faults can be categorised into three stages:

  1. Early failure which can be defective cables or terminations

  2. Useful life which generally displays a stable failure rate

  3. Wear-out which has a high failure rate over time.

Providing an initial baseline measurement of cable parameters, these can be verified against manufacture and design thresholds. A condition monitoring regime uses this data to detect issues before failure.

Divergent Engineering can help you reduce unexpected outages by proactively monitoring:

  • Insulation testing

  • Very low frequency testing

  • Tan Delta measurements

  • Partial Discharge measurements

  • Verify correct methods for cable terminations have been implemented


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