Divergent Engineering is confident in providing more efficient and cheaper solutions for its clients, which normally develops through innovation. Better and more advanced techniques come to light by leading companies, companies that are people focused and emphasis on offering the best service they can ever provide.

Improving techniques and assets to better safety and more efficient production is a quality we strive for.


Recovery Support and Fast Delivery

A complex problem can require a specialised service to reduce time and unnecessary cost. Being able to provide confident support to lead or work with you is very important to Divergent Engineering.

At Divergent Engineering, we have built an in-house team with extensive experience in Research and Development in variable speed drives as well as inverters. Along with specific knowledge in many other areas, Divergent Engineering also have the capability of resolving technical issues you may face (including very quick breakdown recovery).


Our experience with many brands and capacities allows the development of the perfect solution for your application.

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