Dynamic task management can help you achieve timely and efficient on-site execution. Risk reduction is achieved through complimentary specialised services.

Divergent Engineering can synergise its expertise and resources with yours in order to help you achieve quickest possible results leading to final outcomes even better than expected. Utilising the same team from design to execution ensures accountability sits with one group.


Rectify Formal Notices

Actions assigned by external groups are important to keep your business running safely and to compliance.

At Divergent Engineering, we have vast experience in executing projects requested by external groups in a cost-effective manner:

  • Energy Safety

  • Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

  • Insurance Assessors

  • Health, Safety and Environment Assessors

Systems Installation and Integration

The longer an asset undergoes construction, the higher the capital cost. Divergent Engineering acquires the services that can efficiently execute while maintaining a high-level standard to get the production up and running quicker. This equates to rapid increase in revenue for your company.

We aim to provide a multi-disciplined approach by offering engineering and execution services to help your company:

  • Installation of switchyards, switchrooms and kiosks

  • Integrate into your existing system, or developing a new system

  • Testing to ensure nameplate performance and safety

  • Commissioning with years of experience to get your assets running


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