Electrical Systems

Using state of the art technology and innovation for new and existing installations, well designed systems minimise energy costs and social impacts.

Our capabilities working in unity with you to deliver safe, efficient and reliable LV and HV electrical designs:

  • Network Distribution Design of switchgear, transformer and cable integration

  • Overhead powerline design

  • Kiosk, Substations and Switchrooms

  • Lighting design

  • Lightening protection

  • Earthing Systems

  • Protection systems

  • Arcflash mitigation

  • Backup power and parrallel systems

  • Battery charging, auxiliary DC and UPS systems



Drafting and 3D Models

Two dimensional drawings are excellent resources for construction, however a step further is to compliment these with 3D models to gain a visual perspective of how the design physically integrates. Eliminate costly surprises at the construction stage.

Complete electrical drafting services can provide engineered drawing packages:

  • Single line diagram

  • Schematic, termination and layout/general arrangement

  • Protection scheme diagrams

  • Civil site plans and elevation for electrical assets

  • 3D drawings of complete electrical assets including cable installations


Hybrid & Off-Grid Power Systems

Hybrid systems reduce your energy and maintenance costs. Our assessments and modelling systems can generate accurate designs that demonstrates optimal hybrid sized systems to minimise cost and carbon emmissions. Why just go for the biggest battery system which is also expensive.

We have developed modeling tools to analyse and engineer your existing system with an integrated hybrid design:


  • Ultra long maintenance intervals

  • Substantial fuel cost savings

  • Grid import power cost savings

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