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Divergent Engineering's 2023 Recap

Updated: Jan 11

As 2023 has now closed, it is time to look back at the incredible journey we have had over the past twelve months. 2023 was a year filled with innovation, knowledge sharing, and team building – a true testament to the dedication and hard work of our incredible team. Let's take a moment to recap the highlights of 2023, categorised into three key themes that defined our year.

A Year of Projects

Last year we had the opportunity to successfully execute a full spectrum of comprehensive solutions that surpassed our client's expectations. Our dedicated team showcased innovation, precision, and efficiency. This recap highlights our technical prowess, adaptive problem-solving, and commitment to excellence, solidifying our position as a trusted engineering partner. We would like to highlight some of our key projects with you:

Transmission Project

We contributed to the development of a high-voltage power transmission network. Our primary responsibilities were to ensure that all drawings were aligned with the construction process and provide on-site engineering support.

11kv Capacitor Bank Project

We supported our client with the procurement of a customised capacitor bank. We also took on the responsibility of disposing the original capacitor banks that had reached their end-of-life cycle.

Vanadium Battery Projects

Mining Camp Bore Pump System: Empowering Energy Storage

We developed Battery Management System (BMS) for a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) employed in both on and off-grid applications.

Cherratta Village, Karratha: Energising Communities

We developed a Battery Management System for Cheratta Village in Karratha to support an EV fast charger.

Fast Charger: Charging Ahead

We developed a battery integration system to support two Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFBs) for an EV fast charger.

Solar Skid and Sensor Lighting System Project

We built a Solar Skid for tunnel lighting for a mine in the Pilbara region. We constructed and supplied the solar skid and LED sensors to conserve power by PIR activation from either side of the conveyor and were involved in the commissioning of the Solar Skid.

VSD Integration PLC Project

We programmed a PLC to orchestrate a VSD. This involved identifying the best software to suit the application, understanding the system, learning, and applying ladder logic, creating a program outline, writing the program, and addressing the inputs and outputs.

Boat Harbour Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

We undertook the design of an electrical infrastructure upgrade to enhance reliability, safety, and cost efficiency. This included a comprehensive power system study including protection studies and coordination, earthing design, HV switchgear design and development of HV submission documents to Western Power.

BHP Relining

We designed and drafted an electrical control panel and transformer cabinet for a relining platform located in a mining hub within the Pilbara region. One of the fundamental steps in any electrical engineering project is the creation of detailed drawings. However, these drawings are not static; they evolve and undergo meticulous review to ensure they align with the current state of the control panel and transformer cabinet.

A Year of Knowledge Shares

Last year, our team truly embraced our culture of knowledge sharing, fostering a dynamic environment where insights and expertise seamlessly flow among team members. This commitment to knowledge sharing not only enhances individual skill sets but also cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptability within the firm. As a result, our team is better equipped to tackle complex challenges and deliver high-impact solutions. We would like to share some of our favourite knowledge share sessions with you:

Soil Resistivity Knowledge Share

Thanks to Tej Sapkota, we were taken through a demonstration of a soil resistivity test and learned the theory behind the testing. This session created a collaborative environment that fostered learning and allowed us to tap into the collective wisdom of our team.

Thermography Knowledge Share

Thanks to Isfar Wares, we learned more about the power of thermography and how it has made electrical inspections more efficient and accurate, enabling early detection of overheating components, loose connections, and potential fire hazards.

Field Weakening Knowledge Share

Thanks to Tej Sapkota, we learned more about implementing Field Weakening control algorithms, emphasising the importance of precision and innovation in optimising AC machine performance and efficiency.

AS 61439 Standard Knowledge Share

Thanks to Leo Soe, we gained more insight on AS 61439 Standard for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies that is replacing the AS 3439 series. What made this session truly impactful was the lively team discussion after Leo's insightful presentation.

A Year of Team Culture and Celebrations

Over the past year, our engineering firm has forged a vibrant and cohesive team culture through a series of engaging events and activities. From team-building workshops to social gatherings, we have prioritised fostering strong connections among our diverse group of professionals. These events have not only strengthened interpersonal relationships but also cultivated an atmosphere of collaboration. We would like to share some of our key team events with you:

Team development day

We explored the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) by participating in a highly informative workshop. We gained valuable insights into our personality preferences, communication styles, and problem-solving approaches.

Women in Engineering

We celebrate International Women in Engineering Day by recognising our Divergent Women in Engineering representatives, Urusha Shrestha and Shannon Oo. We asked them for their valuable insights on how we can celebrate and encourage more women in engineering.

Badminton Competition

We had the opportunity to showcase our team spirit by engaging in a fun-filled badminton tournament! It was heartwarming to see our colleagues come together and embrace the spirit of friendly competition.

R U OK Day

We recognised R U OK day by enjoyed lunch together and undertook an activity to show our gratitude and thanks to each other. We wrote positive comments to each team member and were given a card with a collection of all the comments to keep.

WA Mining Luncheon

We had the pleasure of attending the WA Mining Club September 2023 Luncheon – "Gold: Stealthily in Vogue". It was an incredible opportunity to gather with industry professionals and thought leaders to delve into the fascinating world of gold mining and its growing prominence.

Christmas Sundowner

We hosted our annual Christmas Sundowner. Celebrating another year with our team, friends, business connections, and all the wonderful individuals we have had the privilege of collaborating with!

2023 has been a year of growth, innovation, and collaboration. As we wrap up this chapter, we extend our gratitude to every client, business partner, and team member who contributed to our success. Here's to a new year filled with even more accomplishments and shared victories. Cheers to the journey ahead!

Check out our blogs to get a detailed outlook on some of our achievements mentioned here and stay tuned for more!

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