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Unlocking the Power of Thermography: Revealing the Unseen

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Thermography, a remarkable technique that captures the invisible world of temperature distribution, has become a game-changer in multiple industries. By utilising thermal cameras, it unveils hidden anomalies and potential issues that lie beneath the surface. From electrical faults to energy inefficiencies, thermography inspections are the superheroes that save the day.

To ensure successful inspections:

  • electrical equipment must be at or above 40% of its nominal load

  • wind convection should be considered, as even a gentle breeze can impact object temperature

  • outdoor inspections should be conducted during the early morning to yield the best results.

Divergent Engineering Thermography Exploration

Divergent Engineering had the opportunity to explore the thrilling possibilities of thermography inspections for one of our clients. Isfar, our esteemed engineer who was responsible for leading the inspection, conducted a knowledge share session with the Divergent team prior to conducting the inspection for our client. Thermography granted Divergent the power to detect hidden problems, invisible to the naked eye, such as electrical faults, insulation problems, and mechanical failures. By identifying potential malfunctions, thermography Divergent Engineering was able to conduct proactive maintenance preventing costly breakdowns and minimising downtime for our client.

How can thermography help you?

Examples of faults thermography inspections can detect:

  • Hotspots and abnormal temperature distributions on circuits: a circuit with electricity flowing through it can have areas that become hotter than they should be. Thermography can help us spot these hotspots and abnormal temperatures, even if we can't see them with our eyes.

  • Increased resistances due to constriction of wires: when wires are constricted or squeezed, they can have more resistance, which means the electricity has a harder time flowing through them. Thermography can detect these constrictions and help us fix them before they cause bigger problems.

  • Hidden cracks in joints: joints can develop small cracks that we can't see. But with thermography, we can discover these hidden cracks and prevent them from causing electrical issues.

  • Incorrect thermal connections of heat sinks: Thermography can reveal these incorrect connections and allow us to fix them, making sure our electronic devices stay cool and work well.

  • Short circuits: Thermography can identify interrupted pathways and help us find ways to make the pathway clear again, keeping our electrical systems safe.

Contact Divergent Engineering to explore how we can help you on Thermography and more!


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