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N03HWP High Wall Pump Project

N03HWP High Wall Pump Project, Newmont Boddington Gold

Divergent Engineering was by Axis Consulting to design and engineer Newmont Boddington Gold's high wall pump project. ​ The NBG pump project includes two phases as follows: ​ Stage 1 Phase 1 – Running two pumps with a stand-alone system. Stage 2 Phase 2 – Running four pumps with Power Grid. ​ The project included the following Engineering studies:

  • Compliance with the Mine Safety and Inspection Regulations (MSIR)

  • Power system modelling with ETAP software

  • Load flow analysis

  • Motor starting characteristic study

  • Protection design, settings and coordination

  • Cable design

  • Short-circuit analysis​

  • Arc Flash analysis


Axis Consulting


Divergent Engineering, West Perth



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