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Blueprint to Brilliance: Divergent Engineering's Boat Harbour Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

We are excited to share that Divergent Engineering was recently engaged to undertake the design of electrical infrastructure upgrade to a Boat Harbour. The primary objective of this project is to enhance reliability, safety, and cost efficiency by replacing the end-of-life cycle assets such as 33kV pole top isolators, reclosers, and ring main units.

Divergent Engineering focused on several key areas to guarantee project success. This encompassed a comprehensive power system study including protection studies and coordination, earthing design, HV switchgear selection and development of HV submission document to Western Power.

Divergent Engineering facilitated in onsite investigations at the harbor such as potholing and surveying. We identified system improvements such as design of the generator panel and protection device supply and backup system. Offering comprehensive construction support and consulting services, our holistic approach guaranteed a seamless transition from planning to execution, showcasing our steadfast commitment to delivering a project that surpasses expectations.

As a result of our dedication and collective efforts, Divergent Engineering successfully completed all aspects of the project. This collaborative approach not only ensured a smoother workflow but also contributed to the project's overall success. Our recent engagement in the replacement of the aged electrical infrastructure for the Boat Harbour project exemplifies Divergent Engineering's unwavering commitment to excellence. This achievement is a testament to the commitment and expertise of the Divergent Engineering team and collaborative efforts from our clients and other stakeholders, as well as our unwavering pursuit of quality.

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