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Getting to Know: Shannon, Our Aspiring Electrical Engineer

Currently completing her Master of Professional Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Western Australia, Shannon also holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Engineering Science and Business Law.  Outside of work, she is a Pilates Instructor, sharing her passion for health and wellness. Her experiences at Divergent Engineering have fueled her ambition to pursue Electrical Engineering and Project Management. Meet Shannon, our aspiring Engineer, and learn about how she demonstrates excellence in both professional and personal spheres.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your current roles?

I am completing my Master of Professional Engineering in Electronic and Electrical at the University of Western Australia and graduated with my Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Engineering Science and Business Law in 2023. Currently, I am taking on the role of Administration and ISO Coordinator as well as completing my Engineering Internship at Divergent Engineering. On the weekends, I teach reformer Pilates.

What inspired you to pursue electrical engineering, and how has Divergent Engineering helped you?

Originally, I was inspired to pursue engineering because of my Dad. Growing up he was super passionate about his job and talked about the amazing things he did at work. Before working at Divergent Engineering, I was studying Environmental Engineering which is worlds apart from Electrical Engineering. Not too far into working at Divergent Engineering, I learned that the field of Electrical Engineering presented many challenges that were both exciting and required a range of skills to solve and I wanted to be involved.  Two projects that I found particularly interesting and inspiring was a Capacitor Bank Upgrade Project and a Solar Skid Project where our team was involved in designing the Solar Skid and Lighting System.

Divergent Engineering has given me the opportunity to complete my Electrical Engineering Practicum hours. The team at Divergent Engineering is extremely knowledgeable and all willing to help me learn and grow.  Being able to see the theory that I have studied in university in real life has been super exciting and intriguing.


What are your future aspirations in the field of engineering?

I am keen to get into project management. I enjoy collaborating and coordinating teams as well as making sure everything is complete and up to standard.  I have strengths in planning, time management, and communication which I think can help me really excel as a project manager. I think that project management is a really rewarding role, especially at project completion.  My current role has also set me up nicely by helping me gain knowledge on processes and standards like risk management, and safety standards as well as the need to constantly improve and reflect.


I am excited to get involved in some large-scale projects in the future and continually become knowledgeable on technical aspects as I finish off my studies and get more experience in the field.


How do you manage your time between studying, working at Divergent Engineering, and teaching Pilates?

It is all about time management! I strongly believe that maintaining a ‘can do’ attitude can help you achieve anything you want. I feel incredibly fortunate to be pursuing a career in engineering and to work alongside Engineers every day who really excel in their roles. My team at Divergent Engineering is truly my inspiration and motivation!


Being organised is key to managing my commitments. I rely on digital tools to keep track of my deadlines and commitments in every aspect of my life.  Staying fit, healthy, and happy is super important to make sure you are always performing at your best. It's important to make time for your loved ones, friends, and pets to keep a healthy mind.


I teach Pilates in the early mornings on the weekends and fit in some of my self-practice at the studio while I am there. Becoming a Pilates teacher stemmed from my dedication to fitness and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Teaching Pilates is lots of fun, I love helping people stay fit and healthy and feel energised after teaching my classes.

What advice do you have for other women who are trying to balance work, study, and other interests in a STEM field?

I think finding a field in STEM that genuinely interests you is key to being able to balance it all. There is no bigger motivator to get things done than passion. Finding key people in your life to inspire you can also help you to keep working hard. For me, the owners of Divergent Engineering have been a huge inspiration! I have never met a group of people who are so good at their job and more excited and dedicated about what they do. They are not only my bosses but are my mentors which I am extremely grateful for.


Balancing work, study and other interests is a challenge for everyone, but many tools can help you stay organised and up to date. I use the calendar app on my phone religiously and make sure my workspace is always organised. Being able to prioritise tasks is also an excellent skill to make sure you meet deadlines.


I always tell myself there are 24 hours in a day and minus 8 for sleep leaves you 16 hours. 8 hours are then spent at work which leaves me 8 more hours to spend time with loved ones and friends as well as well as fit in some exercise and of course, complete my studies.



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