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Divergent Engineering's Instrumental Role in a Transmission Project

We are thrilled to announce that Divergent Engineering recently played a crucial role in a groundbreaking Transmission Project, contributing to the development of a high voltage power transmission network. Our unwavering dedication and expertise was instrumental in ensuring the project stayed on track and was completed closer to schedule.

Divergent Engineering focused on several key areas to guarantee project success. One of our primary responsibilities was to ensure that all drawings were aligned with the construction process. This attention to detail helped prevent any potential discrepancies or delays, enabling a smooth workflow and seamless execution.

In addition to our drawing alignment efforts, Divergent Engineering provided invaluable on-site engineering support. Our team of experienced engineers collaborated closely with construction crews, overseeing the implementation of electrical systems, and addressing any technical challenges that arose along the way. Our expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful completion of the project.

Divergent Engineering took lead in the development of comprehensive walk down packages. The deliverables provided a detailed summary of civil and mechanical disciplines required for Critical Verification Certificates (CVC).

As a result of our dedication and collective efforts, Divergent Engineering successfully completed electrical aspects of the project. This collaborative approach not only ensured a smoother workflow but also contributed to the project's overall success.

We are incredibly proud to share that all assets of the Transmission Project have received the Construction Verification Certificate. This achievement is a testament to the commitment and expertise of the Divergent Engineering team and collaborative efforts from our clients and other stakeholders, as well as our unwavering pursuit for quality.

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