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Solar Success Story – Solar Skid and Sensor Lighting System for Rain or Shine

Divergent Engineering was engaged to build a Solar Skid for tunnel lighting for a mine in the Pilbara region. Our team focused on several key areas to guarantee project success. One of our primary responsibilities was designing the solar skid and lighting system to the required standard. This included creating single-line drawings and general arrangement drawings for the inverter panel and LED sensor lighting system.

In addition to our design efforts, Divergent Engineering constructed and supplied the solar skid and LED sensors to conserve power by PIR activation from either side of the conveyor and was involved in the commissioning of the Solar Skid. The Solar Skid went under a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) which involved verifying the design to ensure that the Solar Skid matched the design specifications and requirements that were required by our client. The Solar Skid and lighting system were also tested to ensure they functioned as intended and the Solar Skid performed as intended under different light conditions and power. Most importantly, the solar skid and lighting system were tested to ensure that all electrical connections were safe.

Divergent Engineering provided the client with a detailed ITP (Inspection Testing Procedure) along with an electrical ITR (Inspection Test Report) and MDR (Manufacturer Data Report). The ITP and MDR ensured that our Solar Skid met the required quality standards, project requirements, and regulations. The ITR was a critical part of quality assurance as it provided a detailed account of the inspection and testing activities.

As a result of our dedication and collaborative efforts, Divergent Engineering successfully completed the Solar Skid Project from the Design to the Commissioning Stage. The achievement is a testament to the commitment and expertise of the Divergent Engineering team and the collaborative effort from our clients and other stakeholders, as well as our unwavering pursuit of quality.

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