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Getting to Know: Leo Soe, Our Electrical Engineer

Updated: Apr 9

Undertaking the role of an Electrical Engineer opens doors to exciting and rewarding experiences, whether navigating on-site challenges or delving into intricate designs within the office. Leo, our AutoCAD hero and knowledge-sharing champion, not only excels in his technical expertise but also radiates positivity, infusing our team with energy and enthusiasm, making every project an exciting journey. Meet Leo, one of our Electrical Engineers, and learn about his experiences in the industry.

Can you share a bit about your background and what led you to move to Australia to pursue a career in electrical engineering?

I finished my Electrical Engineering Degree at the University of Newcastle and moved to Melbourne to undertake my first job as a Telecommunications Network Drafter. Afterward, I continued my career as an Electrical Engineering in Singapore before deciding to move back to Australia. The reason why I wanted to come back to Australia was due to the working culture and how friendly people are here. Teamwork is appreciated and people like to help each other.

Could you enlighten us about two projects you have worked on that you found particularly interesting or challenging in your career?

I found the planning of an Asset Maintenance Strategy for a Lithium Mine particularly challenging because it involved reading standards of the equipment and its OEM to create a complete asset maintenance plan. A project I found really interesting was investigating 11kV motors by using motor protection analysis and using protection coordination. It involved studying zero sequence current which I enjoyed.

As the Autocad design expert with over 3 years of experience under your belt, what's one golden nugget of advice you'd like to drop on our readers' laps today?

The most important thing is to be curious and not be afraid of asking your senior questions and learning from your mistakes. Just like the lead engineer in our team said, you need to make mistake and learn from it and it will take you far.

You are someone who brings positivity to the room but how has Divergent Engineering contributed to fostering positivity in your career as an Electrical Engineer?

The leaders of Divergent have taught me a lot technically and with their leadership. I have never been in a better working environment. Everyone here is willing to help and will not point a single finger at you when you make a mistake, and they will always have your back. If me or my team members do not understand something, everyone is willing to explain with patience.

Finally, what do you find most rewarding about being an electrical engineer, and what motivates you to continue pursuing excellence in your field?

The most rewarding aspect of being an Electrical Engineer is the always improving technology and development. We are now moving towards sustainability and renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, so I feel like I play an important part in the world by doing something good for the future. Electrical Engineering is a team effort and without collaboration, we would not be able to achieve as much as we do every day.


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