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Getting to Know: Ramon, our Electrical Engineer

Being an Electrical Engineer presents numerous distinctive experiences and chances for both professional and personal development. Meet Ramon, one of our Electrical Engineers who has been a valued member of Divergent Engineering since he started his journey here as an intern.

Could you tell us a bit about your educational background and how it prepared you for a career in electrical engineering? 

I graduated and completed a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Curtin University. During my studies, I was exposed to a diverse range of units such as electrical circuits, control systems, power electronics, and renewable energy. Learning these concepts helped me build a broad understanding of electrical engineering and its application in many industries. Having a solid foundation in technical knowledge is essential for working on projects across different sectors.

What motivated you to become an electrical engineer, and what aspects of the field are you most passionate about?  

When I started my studies, I did not know what field of engineering I wanted to specialise in. It was not until I started doing the electrical units that I started to see that this could be the right pathway for me. I find that the problems I encounter in my field are quite challenging and require a diverse skillset to solve but that is what I find interesting about electrical engineering. Electrical Engineering allows me to collaborate and think of creative solutions.

Could you highlight one or two projects that you found particularly interesting or rewarding during your time at Divergent Engineering?

There was a project where I got involved with the power system studies and simulation for a new substation that was being built. For this particular project, I had the opportunity to create a simulated model of the new electrical installation. I had the chance to perform various electrical studies and to observe the implications it had on the existing electrical network. The interesting part about this project was that we were also involved in the construction and commissioning phase of the new substation. To see how the project progressed from the simulation and electrical studies to the site installation was very valuable for me. It is definitely one of the highlights in my career because I have learnt some much from this particular project.

Looking ahead, what aspects of electrical engineering are you most excited about?

I like how dynamic and challenging it is and it requires good problem-solving skills to excel in the field. I find that to solve one particular problem, you may have to collaborate with your team and people who are experts in the field. This allows me to learn from other people, actively grow, and progress further in my career.

In your previous interview, you held the position of a Graduate Electrical Engineer, and now you are an accomplished Electrical Engineer. Could you share insights into your professional evolution since then and elaborate on how Divergent has played a role in supporting your journey?

One thing I appreciate about working at Divergent Engineering is that they put my learning and development as an engineer to the forefront. We have an exceptional team who have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, and I can always rely on them if I am ever stuck in any problem I encounter. The theme that I have been saying throughout is “collaboration and learning”, and I think Divergent facilitates this which allowed me to progress further in my career growth.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring electrical engineers who are just starting their careers in the field? 

The advice I would give is to be open-minded and not afraid to try new things. It may be overwhelming for someone who is just kickstarting their career because everything they see in the industry is new to them. I think it is crucial to be receptive and to not be afraid to ask questions.

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