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Getting to know: TN, our Graduate Electrical Engineer

Working as an Electrical Engineering is a career that offers many unique experiences and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Meet TN, one of our Graduate Electrical Engineers and learn about the inspiration that led him to his commitment to sharing his insights on the evolving landscape of electrical engineering.

Could you tell us a bit about your educational background and how it prepared you for a career in electrical engineering?

I completed my high school education in Nepal and studied subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. In 2017, I made the pivotal decision to move to Australia in pursuit of a globally recognised bachelor’s degree in engineering. In 2019, I enrolled at ECU, where I acquired foundational knowledge and academic skills in electrical engineering. Towards the culmination of my academic journey, I seized the opportunity to intern as an engineer at an ocean wave energy company, enabling me to translate theoretical engineering concepts from university into real-world applications. Concurrently, I secured a position at Divergent Engineering as a graduate engineer, where I have experienced a different professional landscape compared to my previous role.

What motivated you to become an electrical engineer, and what aspects of the field are you most passionate about?

My journey into electrical engineering stems from a lifelong fascination with mathematical equations and their real-world applications. As a child, I naturally gravitated towards analyzing everyday phenomena through the lens of mathematics. Living near a hydro-power facility sparked my interest in the practical applications of mathematical principles.

Discovering Faraday's law in high school was a pivotal moment. Understanding the mathematics behind hydropower principles fueled my exploration of Faraday's law of electromagnetism. Recognising the inherent connection between engineering and mathematics, I made the decision to pursue Electrical Engineering as it seemed like two sides of the same coin.

My passion lies in delving into Power Systems and Electrical Machines. The intrigue deepened during my studies in the industrial control unit, where I found a growing interest in control systems. As I embark on my graduate engineering career, I am eager to explore these facets of electrical engineering in greater detail. My goal is to specialize in one of these areas, driven by a desire to contribute to the advancement of technology and innovation in the field.

Can you describe a project you've worked on that you're particularly proud of, and how did it challenge your skills as an electrical engineer?

In a project at Divergent Engineering, I got the opportunity to get involved in the power system study, design, and commissioning of a pumping system to replace diesel pumps. Under the guidance of Senior Engineer, Harinath Selvarajulu, I navigated challenges such as independently identifying and solving problems, developing models in ETAP for the first time, and mastering new topics like protection coordination, motor start studies, and earthing design. Successfully completing this power system study marked a significant milestone, elevating my technical skills to a new level.

Divergent Engineering really appreciates your efforts in sharing your knowledge. Can you describe a specific knowledge-sharing presentation or training session you have conducted in the past?

I am absolutely honored that I got to share my knowledge at Divergent Engineering! In a recent presentation, I delved into my thesis on Wave Energy Converter during my final year, focusing on key electrical engineering components such as Synchronous Machines and Variable Speed Drives (VSD). Divergent provided me with the platform to share insights on VSD and synchronous machines and begin in-depth discussions with senior engineers. This knowledge proved invaluable in a subsequent project, where I applied it to successfully conduct a motor start study.

How do you see the future of electrical engineering evolving, and what opportunities do you anticipate in the coming years?

I see it as an evergreen field, resilient to automation and AI. With technology advancing and a growing dependence on electricity, the role of electrical engineers becomes increasingly crucial. The shift towards renewable energy presents a golden opportunity for the evolution of our profession. Embracing these changes, electrical engineers can lead in shaping a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

How has Divergent supported you in your role as a Graduate Electrical Engineer?

I am grateful for the invaluable support from Divergent Engineering as a Graduate Electrical Engineer. The opportunity to work in this dynamic environment has been a stroke of good fortune. With a team boasting over 60 years of combined experience in various electrical engineering fields, I have had the privilege to learn and grow. Divergent’s diverse projects have exposed me to different facets of electrical engineering, allowing me to identify and refine my strengths and weaknesses. The friendly and cooperative work culture at Divergent has been instrumental in facilitating seamless and prosperous career development.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring electrical engineers who are just starting their careers in the field?

  • Explore Diversely: Electrical Engineering offers diverse options and opportunities. I suggest understanding the basics of various engineering fields to discover your strengths and preferences. Choosing the right specialisation is key to enjoying your career and honing your expertise.

  • Embrace Continuous Learning: Engineering is a perpetual learning journey. Never stop acquiring new knowledge as you progress in your career. Stay curious, adapt to technological advancements, and keep expanding your skill set.

  • Cultivate Self-Study and Research Habits: Developing a habit of self-study and research is fundamental for engineers. It is a powerful tool that enhances problem-solving skills and keeps you at the forefront of innovation.

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